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General packaging regulations

  1. Preamble

    This packaging regulation applies to all suppliers and internal areas of Wicke GmbH + Co. KG – hereinafter referred to as Wicke – and is intended to ensure a rational and trouble-free flow of material from the Supplier to the consumer location. The primary objectives are:

    • optimal container and packaging design
    • coordinated quantities
    • standardised dimensions
  2. types of packaging

    The following types of packaging are used in the logistics chain from the Supplier to the consumer location, whereby in principle the packer/shipper is liable for the delivery quality of the packaged goods:

    • Reusable packaging
    • European wooden pallets 1200 x 800 x 150 mm
    • Lattice box pallets 1240 x 840 x 970 mm weight, 85 kg
    • Chemical pallets CP-9 1140 x 1140 mm
    • Disposable packaging
    • Disposable cartons
    • Disposable pallets max. 1200 x 800 x 150 mm
    • Disposable packaging aid
    • Packaging for sheets, tubes and bars
    • Bundle length max. 6200 mm, weight max. 2500 kg

    Only one item per bundle

    Wicke prefers reusable load carriers over disposable packaging.

  3. Packaging requirements

    Regardless of the choice of packaging type, the following requirements must be met:

    • Part protection
    • optimal filling level of the packaging material
    • Maximum weight of 15 kg per packaging unit (except lattice box pallets and special packaging; special agreements are necessary here)
    • Bulk goods as well as dirt-sensitive and dirt- or oil-affected parts must be packed in advance in PE bags (suitable for containers 400x300x180 mm). If appropriate, smaller units in constant container sizes are also permitted here.
    • Standard dimensions according to Euro standard dimensions
    • Stackability
    • Handling-friendly design
    • Formation of rational loading units
    • Transport lock
    • Easy unloading of the transport vehicles by forklift trucks
    • Recyclable materials
  4. Packaging recycling and waste prevention

    The waste management objectives of the environmental legislation and those of Wicke GmbH + Co. KG must be taken into account.

    • Packaging waste prevention: Packaging waste must be limited to the extent immediately necessary.
    • Packaging reduction: Reusable and disposable packaging must be defined according to ecological and economic aspects.
    • Packaging recycling: Reusable and disposable packaging must be recyclable in an environmentally friendly manner.
  5. Transport/packaging selection and packaging definition

    The packaging must generally be planned according to the specifications in points 2 – 4.

    In addition, any existing part-specific drawing notes, corresponding to the sensitivity class described by way of example, must be taken into account.

    Download at: http://wicke.com/

  6. Weight
    • The maximum weight of a container is 15 kg.
    • The maximum weight of a lattice box is 1,000 kg.
    • The maximum weight of a pallet is 950 kg.
    • The maximum weight for bundles of sheets, tubes and bars is 2,500 kg.
  7. Cleanliness

    Dirt-sensitive and dirt- or oil-affected parts must first be packed in PE bags.

  8. Optimisation of container filling level

    Containers must always be delivered by the supplier with a maximum filling level. Filling degree optimisations are to be proposed by the Supplier and coordinated in cooperation with WICKE.

  9. Labelling

    Each container must be identified by means of a product label (part number, designation, date, number of pieces and identification [index of the drawing]).

  10. Type and place of attachment of product tags
    • The goods tag for containers is pushed at the end into the label holder provided for this purpose.
    • The main goods tag for the loading unit as well as address labels may be attached with easily detachable and residue-free adhesive dots.
    • It is NOT permitted to stick labels over the entire surface of the containers.
    • WICKE will charge the supplier for the costs of removing labels that have been glued onto the surface.
  11. Transport packaging
    • Goods on Euro or disposable pallets must be provided with pallet lids for transport. If necessary, use empty containers to compensate for any unevenness. Securing is to be ensured by means of plastic tape or shrink-wrap.
    • Individual containers or packs must be sealed with plastic tape. The containers must not be deformed or damaged.
    • The cost of permanently deformed and thus damaged containers will be charged to the Supplier.
  12. Delivery

    Euro or disposable pallets / maximum height 1,050 mm

  13. Exemption rule
    • If specific packaging requirements deviate from this packaging specification, appropriate coordination with WICKE is required.
    • Deviations from this mandatory packaging requirement require a written exemption.

Gender Disclaimer

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