Because of the cooperation from people of all ages, languages, skin colors, international backgrounds and religious beliefs, which is happening everyday at Wicke, there’s no place for prejudices. Everyone who achieves their work gets a chance. Almost 60% of our employees have a migration background and originally come from more than ten different countries. Our employee magazine and regular open house events are a reflection of this corporate culture.

Our employees confirm that we are on the right track with over 70% agreeing in an employee survey.

We get that confirmed again and again:

Ibrahim C., Turkish employee, polyurethane production:

I have been working for Wicke since 2011. I became unemployed during the economic crisis.

My father had heard that working at Wicke would be good. I applied and today my brother also works here.

More voices on development opportunities:

“What counts for WICKE is performance and people, regardless of their origin.”

“We are an international company: It’s all about performance, not origin”.

“Whoever gets down to it is also welcome.”