Development opportunities

Because Wicke presents itself at training fairs, attaches importance to a good education, the majority of the trainees of course takes over and allows unusual careers. So it happens that a large number of outstanding specialists and management positions can always be filled internally. The training of our employees in all areas of the company is the prerequisite for coping with the requirements in the future.

Our employees confirm with an agreement of more than 77% in an employee survey that we are on the right path here.

We get that confirmed again and again:

Benjamin E., Polyurethane Department employee, former Wicke apprentice:

I’ve been working for Wicke since 2006. Actually, that was a fix then, but it worked fine, first I worked in production, then I was a foundry, and when a tennis arm made life difficult for me, I was 31 years old I’m still working on an apprenticeship and today I’m working on interesting projects in the polyurethane lab.

More voices on development opportunities:

“At Wicke, the trainees are well trained, and all are taken on and become real specialists for us – really good people.”

“Yes, they take great care of the apprentices, they are not left alone, the training at Wicke is interesting and you have good prospects.”

“In the beginning, I had no real expectations, I just had to do my job now I’m coordinator, work in the office and have an interesting job.”

“My career path at Wicke: locksmith – foreman – work preparation – disposition – deputy master.”