Because the work at Wicke is planned with foresight and is part of the Wicke group work in the regular group discussions having a say is possible, because emphasis is placed on functional equipment on work clothes and protective equipment for occupational safety, and because the health of employees through dedicated health measures and health days is promoted in the long term.

Our employees confirm with an approval of more than 75% in an employee survey that we are on the right path here. We get that confirmed again and again:

Victor M., employee in our polyurethane production:

“I have been working for Wicke for more than 25 years. As a sideline I worked in the restaurant of my parents, the Portuguese “Mare Atlantico”. When I lost a service there I joined in. Wicke made it possible for me to work on a permanent morning shift switch.

Further votes on the organization

“Every six months in my department new clothes, new shoes every year, other companies do not do that.”

“Very good, if you need something, then it will be immediately taken care of and handed out.”

“You try to use people with health restrictions elsewhere.”

“Sticking with proven forces. And looking for other uses, if it should ever be necessary, I have experienced myself.”

“The company is behind one – “you open doors open”.Wicke is ready to deal with the personal problems of employees.”

“I grew up with Wicke and I’m attached to work and colleagues.”