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Working with us

Those who work for WICKE are part of a large, reliable and binding owner-managed company that operates in a respectful and appreciative environment.

With us that means:

Within the scope of a project of the EU and the Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs „Xenos – Integration and Diversity” WICKE has checked and confirmed that we, among others, provide secure jobs, provide a mature organization, provide development opportunities, promote demographic awareness, show cosmopolitanism and practice civic engagement and tolerance.

WICKE offers all the advantages of a large employer in a family and collegial environment with 370 employees in Germany (more than 900 employees worldwide). Reliable wages and salaries, fixed contracts as well as honouring long-term employees.

The work at WICKE is planned with foresight and part of the WICKE group work is to have regular group discussions where all can have a say. Emphasis is placed on functional equipment , work clothes and protective equipment for occupational safety. The health of employees through dedicated health measures and health days is promoted in the long term.

Because WICKE presents itself at training fairs and attaches importance to a good education, the majority of the trainees take up careers here. So it happens that a large number of outstanding specialists and management positions can always be filled internally. The training of our employees in all areas of the company is the prerequisite for coping with the requirements in the future.

Because of the cooperation from people of all ages, languages, skin colors, international backgrounds and religious beliefs, which is happening everyday at WICKE, there’s no place for prejudices. Everyone who achieves their work gets a chance. Almost 60% of our employees have a migration background and originally come from more than ten different countries. Our employee magazine and regular open house events are a reflection of this corporate culture.

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