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Optimize the performance of your industrial trucks with high-quality drive wheels and forklift wheels

High-quality drive wheels for maximum performance and safety of your vehicle fleet

Drive wheels play a critical role in the performance and efficiency of your material handling equipment such as AGVs (automated guided vehicles), AGVs (automated guided vehicles), forklifts, stackers and pallet trucks. With us you will find a wide selection of first-class drive wheels that have been specially developed for use in these applications.

Robust construction and high quality materials for OEM customers

Our drive wheels are characterized by a robust construction. The wheel bodies are made of high-quality cast iron, onto which we have cast various polyurethane treads. Alternatively, the rubber tread is vulcanized onto the wheel body. As a result, our wheels are designed for speeds up to 30 km/h. As a reliable OEM partner, we supply drive wheels for all common makes in the field of industrial trucks.

Drive wheels with excellent traction and durability

Our products ensure optimum traction, even on difficult surfaces and in demanding environments. With their high traction, they ensure a safe and efficient ride. By using our high-quality wheels, you can maximize the uptime of your vehicles while minimizing wear and tear, significantly reducing operating costs.

Customized solutions for different types of vehicles

Our range includes a wide selection of drive wheels suitable for different types of vehicles. Whether you own forklifts, automated guided vehicles, robotic FTFs or lift trucks, our experts are available to help you select the right wheels for your specific needs.

Quality and reliability for satisfied OEM customers

Our tires and rims are made of high-quality materials and are subject to strict quality controls. As an OEM partner, we attach great importance to offering you only the best products. Rely on our many years of experience and expertise in the industry. We are your reliable source for premium drive wheels. Contact us today and let us convince you of our customized solutions for OEM customers.
Optimize the performance of your industrial trucks with our high-quality wheels. Benefit from an efficient and safe vehicle fleet that meets the demanding requirements of your industrial processes.

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