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Swivel castors - their properties and versatile applications

Precise steering and maneuverability

Swivel casters, also known as swivel castors, directional castors or castor wheel, are an essential part of numerous mobile applications. They allow easy movement of objects and ensure flexibility and maneuverability. As one of the leading manufacturers of rollers and wheels, Wicke offers a wide range of rollers for various applications.

Diverse load capacities for different requirements

Swivel casters are specially designed castors that are capable of rotating on their own axis. This allows them to change the direction of travel for precise control and maneuverability. Steering is either by a swivel bearing with various precision ball bearings or tapered roller bearings or a slewing ring bearing with chrome steel balls, depending on the model and application.

Adaptable treads for different floor conditions

One of the most important properties of swivel castors is their load capacity. Wicke offers a variety of swivel casters (swivel castors or directional castors) designed for different loads. From lightweight castors for use in rollies, dollies or transport stands and roll containers to robust heavy-duty castors for industrial use. There is a wide range of options to meet individual requirements for caster geometry, load capacity, ride comfort and ergonomics up to the highest load cases in industrial transport technology. Another important aspect in the selection of swivel castors is the tread. Wicke offers various treads optimized for different floor conditions and applications. For example, polyurethane treads are excellent for use on smooth surfaces and provide good shock absorption. Rubber treads are ideal for use on uneven floors as they provide good traction. Hygienic treads with stainless steel wheel bearings and stainless steel steering forks are also available for use in special environments, such as the food industry. As further options, Wicke offers heat-resistant swivel castors as well as swivel castors with electrically conductive or antistatic treads.


Spring-loaded swivel castors for gentle movement of delicate goods

Another interesting aspect are spring-loaded casters. These rollers are equipped with a special suspension that absorbs shocks and vibrations during transport. This protects sensitive goods and ensures safe handling. Sprung swivel castors are particularly suitable for use in sensitive areas where gentle movement of goods is of great importance and especially also for towed applications under industrial trailers

Complementary role solutions for specific requirements

For the various swivel castors, Wicke offers optional locking systems such as wheel locks, total locks, directional locks, drum brakes and also central locks to brake or lock the industrial transport system. In addition to swivel castors, Wicke also offers other castor solutions, such as fixed castors. These casters are mounted in a fixed, non-rotating fixed caster housing and are used to stabilize the travel and direction of mobile equipment, trailers, vehicles or transportation equipment. They are used in combination with swivel castors to better enable driving stability and tracking in industrial transport solutions.

Stainless steel swivel casters for hygienic environments and corrosion resistance

In environments where hygiene is a top priority and high corrosion resistance is required, we at Wicke offer special stainless steel swivel castors. Our stainless steel swivel castors are optimal for use in areas such as food processing, pharmaceutical industry, laboratories and other hygienic environments.

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Swivel castors series LVK

Sheet steel housing with plate fixing. There is a sealed 2RS ball bearing in the clevis. The ball bearing is protected against the penetration of dirt and dust. The base plate with four screw holes is firmly screwed to the fork section and secured to ensure the smoothest possible movement with the smallest possible clearance in the fork head. TE series wheels consist of an aluminum rim onto which a soft polyurethane tire, Wicke-Redthane® 75 Shore A, is cast. The Redthane® tire, which is bonded to the rim with a special bonding agent, is abrasion-resistant, has low rolling and starting resistance, very good traction properties and runs extremely quietly. The tire is cut resistant with very good values in tear resistance and tear propagation resistance. The wheels are equipped with deep groove ball bearings as standard.

Lenkrolle (Schwenkrolle oder Richtungsrolle)

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