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Heavy-duty rollers for high loads: Robust solutions for challenging applications

What are heavy duty casters and how do they work?

Heavy duty rollers, also known as load rollers, are an essential component for applications that require heavy loads or high travel speeds. It is characterized by its robust design, which enables it to withstand even extreme loads.

What are heavy duty rollers used for?

A typical application for heavy-duty rollers are rack and floor conveyors, assembly and transport systems and similar applications. It ensures smooth and efficient transport, even in challenging conditions, thanks to its robust design and choice of materials.

Different materials and variants

Heavy duty casters are offered in a variety of materials and designs to meet individual requirements. There are high quality polyamide and steel products, each with its own advantages. Polyamide rollers are characterized by their high load capacity and abrasion resistance, while steel rollers are particularly robust and ideal for use in extreme environments. In addition, there are also special flanged wheels that have been developed specifically for certain applications. Spring-loaded rollers are particularly suitable for vibration-free transport.

The load roller and its quality characteristics

When choosing heavy-duty casters, you should look for quality features such as sturdy materials, high load capacity and abrasion resistance. They are made of high quality materials such as steel or polyamide, which guarantee long life and reliability.

The load rollers and their applications

Heavy duty casters are an ideal solution for transporting heavy loads in various fields such as warehousing, logistics or manufacturing. In our PDF catalog or online store you can learn more about the different variants and applications of heavy-duty rollers and find the right solution for your requirements.

Rely on high quality heavy duty casters

To choose the right product, it is important to focus on quality. We offer high quality heavy duty casters that will meet your requirements and provide you with optimal transportation of heavy loads.

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Heavy duty swivel castor KS LLAK 01/100/35K

  • Tire: Polyamide PA 6
  • x W: 100 x 35 mm
  • Bearing: Ball bearing
  • Overall height: 148 mm
  • Projection: 42 mm
  • Base plate size: 135 x 110 mm
  • Hole spacing: 105×75/80 mm
  • Diameter mounting hole: 11 mm
  • Load capacity: 500 kg
Schwerlastrolle-WICKE-KS LLAK 01/100/35K
WICKE heavy duty swivel castor KS LLAK 01/100/35K

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